Products I Love

So we've had so much trial and error in trying to switch our life over to Organic, Chemical-Free and Non-Toxic. Here are the products we currently love!

Home Cleaning

Laundry Detergent
Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

So I am looking into making my own laudry detergent.  Finally got my hands on a good recipe.  But in the meantime I found this on the shelf at Target.  And I swear I almost got misty eyed.  Isn't this just brilliant! 
It comes packaged in a recyclable or compostable bottle, made from 100% recycled fiber. The entire packaging system (fiber bottle, pouch, spout, cap) system uses 66% less plastic than a typical 100 oz 2X laundry bottle - and it delivers the same number of loads!  We've come a long way baby!

Dishwashing Liquid
Method Dish Soap

A little goes a long way and I love the pump!  Easy to use, smells wonderful and it's natural,
not full of yucky ingredients and biodegradable!  What else can a girl ask for? 

Bon Ami  Powder Cleanser

This is great for scrubbing the tub!  Earth Friendly - No Chlorine, Perfume or Dyes.


DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant
Fresh & Floral Stick
This fantastic deodorant is just great!  I've tried many and this is the best yet. A great company that has been around for awhile and does alot for our planet!  And best of all No Aluminum salts and No Parabens!
Preserve Toothbrush
Made from recycled yogurt cups, and the toothbrush packaging doubles as a mailer so you can send it back to be recycled, it is also BPA Free.
Auromere Herbal Toothpaste
So we normally use which we love.  But saw this at our local natural shop and had to try it.  We really like it.  Don't let the fact the color isn't white throw you off.  It worked wonderfully and we love that its made with 23 herbal extracts. Can you say fresh?

My Beauty Bag

Pacifica Perfume
Tahitian Gardenia Perfume.  I love this scent.  They have several.   I haven't used perfume in so many years but I refused to use regular perfume with all the chemicals.  Also love the price tag on this one!  Perfume is so expensive and this baby was under $25.00  Yay me!

Physician's Formula Organic Wear
The packaging is great and I love the soft warm color it gives me.

Tinted Moisterizer
Physician's Formula Organic Wear

Silky smooth, light and it gives such a wonderful glow!  This is great for everyday wear.  It has
  jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter and SPF 15.

Bare Escentuals
Bare Mineral 100% Natural Lip Gloss
My all time favorite!  Not only do I love the color (golden peach) but I also love the way it feels on my lips.  Creamy and not sticky!  And my favorite part is NO JUNK! No parabens,sulfates,synthetic dyes or fragrance, etc


  1. How are the prices on the home products and do you ever find coupons for them? When you figure our how to make your own laundry detergent .. please share ! :D

    1. The prices are ok. Sometimes a little more, and sometimes just about the same. I've found it to be so. I shop around though. Walmart and Target also now carry alot of Non-Toxic products, like Method and Seventh Generation. It's usually pricier at the Natural Stores. I have to post the laundry detergent recipe for you. Will do soon.

    2. Hi :) I have a questions about body cream.. I know most are so full of chemicals that are not good for Rebekah.. can you suggest something for her. Are they all really pricey? Also.. there is so much controversy on fluoride in vitamins. Rebekah has had a multi-fluoride vitamin since I can remember; what are your thoughts on that subject?

  2. Hey I like the pefume, reminds me of my honeymoom in Tahiti. Hee, Hee

    1. Ah yes Tahiti. :) It smells so good. I also have a blood orange scent. But the gardenia is my favorite.

  3. Hi, tried the Bon Ami and I'll never use Ajax again! Wonder if Pacifica perfume has additional scents, so you won't say I'm biting your steelo (hee hee). It's just so hard to separate myself from my coveted tray of designer scents...I know, I know chemical overflow:(

    1. Yes chemical overload indeed. :) I know, I know the bottles are so pretty and the scents are hard to part from. I still have my 100 dollar bottle of Tuberose on the my bookshelf and I take a little sniff every now and then. Pacifica has about 5-7 different scents. I believe Sephora also carries them and the price is so affordable. I love Bon Ami too! A good find!

  4. Love your blog! I'm definitely into natural! I use baking soda, lemons; vinegar; bon ami when i need to; etc. vinegar and water is a great wash for fruits and vegies. vinegar also works great in the laundry. and it kills weeds that keep popping up btwn our stones in our walkway! vinegar is great stuff! keep up the good work! hope you get a chance to check out my website/blog: it's great for the spirit and soul! and i'm looking for people who have done some work on themselves-overcoming their hurts, habits and/or hangups and who would like to guest write and share some of their journey. blessings! -El