Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY - Stuffed Animal Chair

Here's a fun DIY project you can do with all the stuffed animals your kids have collected over the years.  My bunny just loves stuffed animals, especially dog ones.  We are certainly not over the stuffed animal stage yet but we had so many, that I was thrilled when I saw this project on Martha Stewart one day.  The Stuffed-Animal Chair is so cute and easy to do.  My daughter was happy we weren't going to get rid of some of favorite friends.  We used a hot glue gun and many, many glue sticks, you can also sew them on if you might want to reuse them.  Here are some pics to show you how we did.  Definitely an earth friendly project that gives and old chair a fun new look!

Our chair from Target.

Getting started...It's best to take your time placing them so that they fit together perfectly.

And here we are, our finished product!

You can also do a theme chair like, Reptiles, Dogs, Cats, Sharks or even Hello Kitty :)

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