Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Simple Step - Ketchup!

One simple step.  I want to list here simple things you can do to change towards healthier choices.  Little by Little.  Sometimes it's all we could do.  Change can be overwhelming if we try to do too much at the same time.  I hope these simple steps can be helpful.

 Product:  Ketchup (Heinz)
We all love Ketchup and kids love it even more.  Contrary to popular belief, ketchup is not exactly a serving of vegetable/fruit!  But if you switch from regular to organic you can make sure you are getting the best ingredients you possibly can without giving up ketchup.  Not only are the ingredients organic but it doesn't contain HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP AND CORN SYRUP.  The organic kind contains organic sugar in their place.  It's just a better choice.  The price is about the same and the taste is as well.  I'm sure there are even better choices out there but I have not yet tried that.  This is one easy baby step you can take without sacrificing taste and I promise the kids won't even notice the switch!   Here are the ingredients.


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