Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gardiner NY Cupcake Festival 2012

Finally the day for the long awaited Gardiner Cupcake Festival came.  We missed it last year so we really wanted to make sure to make it this year.  Wright's Farm hosted it and it was a huge success.  There was so much activity to fill the festival, pony rides, live band, contests, bounce house, lots of vendors and of course CUPCAKES!  Lots, and lots of cupcakes.

Yes, Bacon...Oh my!

These elaborate animal cupcakes were by Deising's Bakery
Bunny chose the yellow chick!

Bettie's Double Decker - Cupcakery Cafe

Studio Cupcakes by Twisted Soul

My choice was Sweet Maresa's Upstate Cupcake - Sage & White Chocolate Cupcake, a cupcake after my own heart!  Sweet Maresa's cupcakes are organic, natural, vegan, using local and regional ingredients!  And most importantly, it was delicious!
Sweet Maresa

Sweet Maresa's Upstate Cupcake

Peace, Love, & Cupcakes in Woodstock NY

Hubby's Cupcake from Kokopelli

Hubby's Chocolate Sundae Cupcake 

From Kokopelli's

Wright's Farm Apple Cider Cupcakes!

Laura's Sweet Specialty Bake Shop in Sugar Loaf, NY

One of our all time favorites Moxie's Cupcake's

Bread Alone in Woodstock, NY

 Didn't get to try these but we have had their bread! Yummy!

There were many more!  If you're local to the Hudson Valley make sure you make it next year, and if not I've provided links under the pictures for all the Cupcakes we visited at the festival!  Enjoy!


  1. Looks like a great time! I went last year, they held it right in the town of Gardiner.. it was over crowded, no walking room and I paid for an over priced cupcake that I could of made better myself. So because of that I unfortunately didn't go this year.. Looks like Wrights may have done a better job :)

  2. We were wondering why they changed the location. It was a huge operation and yes Wright's Farm did a great job! Hopefully they will hold it there next year too :)

  3. What a beautiful outing and great pic! Everyone looks so proud of their work:) I especially like the animal shaped "cupcakes"! How untradional and enticing.

  4. It was a wonderful time and yummy too :) Yes I thought the animal shaped "cupcakes" were pretty clever too! Thanks!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Looks like I missed an amazing day. Would have been great to taste and see different styles. Hopefully soon Honest to Goodness Cupcakes will join the fun. Thanks for the post so much fun.

  6. Yes, you totally have to plan for next years! A lot of fun!