Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's in the bag? A trip to my local health food store.

So I just love making a trip to my local health food store , especially when I'm going to buy toiletries.  I thought it'd be fun to post my finds this trip.   This large canvas bag I got from a prior trip for only $5, the only problem is I don't always remember to bring it with me!  I'm working on it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...If only I could remember to bring the bags!    

Tom's of Maine Children's Toothpaste $4.59
Outrageous Orange Mango

 What is outrageous is the price. :)  I usually stock up when it is on sale.  Walmart and Target also carry it for less.  But this was a new flavor "Outrages Orange Mango" and Bunny just had to have it.
$13.99 Color: Poppy Seed
This is the only one I have tried so I stick to it.  Most importantly the box says "To Cover Gray Hair"

Age Reversal Pomegranate Eye Serum $12.45
Being a former Esthetician you'd think I was religious with my skincare, truth is I'm so lazy when it comes to creams and such.  But it's time my friends, it's time.  I can see my eyes drooping in pictures.  So here goes another try, I swear I will use it this time :)

Refreshing Facial Cleansing Towelettes $4.89
I told you I was lazy.  This is such a good product for me.
Cleanse, tone & hydrate...just wipe and throw away. $4.89

A little sweet treat!  We just love this blood orange flavor.  I especially love that it's not made with high fructose corn syrups or additives, or artificial coloring, etc.  yummy! 

Some products are pricier at the health food store.  I no longer have a problem justifying it.  It used to be so hard to purchase some items because of the price alone.  But I know how much better these products are for me and my family.  Although some products are ridiculously overpriced, I usually find another brand at a lower price.  There is so much more variety in natural and organic products nowadays.  I also think how much money I used to spend on makeup and perfumes in my former life, so it balances out.  So go venture out to your local health or natural food store in your area and see what they have.   

Have you tried any of these products?  What natural/organic products do you love?  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am going to give the toothpaste a try (for Rebekah) let me know how that eye cream works!

    1. Let me know how she likes it :) I will keep you posted on the eye cream :)

  2. I love organic fruits, thanks for the post. New follower from Naptime, follow back at Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I will check out your blog and follow you back ;)

  3. I love the towelettes I use them when you are sleepind just kidding dogs are very respectful animals.thanks ,shiloh

    1. Shiloh, Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! It's so funny :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I've definitely got a few new products to try now!


  5. Tell me how the eye serum works out:) No pressure;)