Monday, June 11, 2012

Refreshing Herbal Iced Tea

It's the perfect time for some refreshing and good for you ice tea!  So instead of reaching for some soda or juice or the powdered ice tea kind, here's a great way to drink some healthy tea when it's hot outside. We've heard all the benefits that tea has.  Easy to make ahead and have ready.  Just boil some water and mix in a couple of teaspoons of Organic Loose Mint tea, Steep for about 3-4 minutes and pour into Mason Jars and refrigerate.  You can add a lemon slice right into the jar and sweeten with raw honey if you'd like.    You can use different teas of course.  I just made a fresh batch of Mint Ice teas.

 Fresh Minty Iced Tea

 Tea is a cup of life! - Anonymous

You can use any kind of tea you like.  I love organic loose tea.  Organic because just like fruits and vegetables, the soil is rich and nutrient dense and pesticide free.  And loose leaf tea, because you get the full flavor and health benefits in the pure leaf.  High quality loose teas are made from the Camellia Sinensis plant which is the finest hand picked buds.  Also taken into consideration is the time of year that it is picked, and of course the growing conditions will greatly affect the quality of the tea and just like fine wine the tea will retain most of it's nutrients, characteristics and its distinct flavor.

 Organic Mint Loose Leaf Tea and Iced Tea 1 oz

Usually the tea found in tea bags will contain smaller pieces of the tea leaves also called tea dust.  It will give you a quicker brew but it will lack the full flavor of the larger loose leaf tea.  Also loose leaf tea will save you money because most of them can be re-steeped giving you several cups.  And now that I've set you up for wanting good loose leaf tea here it is my shameless plug for my Etsy shop: Tea & Sensibility  :)  I just started this shop because of my love for a good cup of tea.  


  1. Hi Jules, What an amazing idea. I am actually growing a ton of fresh mint this year. I was looking for an idea on how to use all of it. My children and I are tea fanatics... :)) LOL.. Thank you
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  2. Thanks Kristin! That sounds delicious! Mint Iced tea all summer long! I will be sure to check out your blog too! Thanks Jules :)

  3. looks and sounds delicious!! (psst...found you on Bloggy Moms.... :D)

  4. thanks Andi, it was! :) Going to visit your blog now :)

  5. My 2 yr/o son carried 4 containers, each about a half gallon, from fridge to get to the OJ the other day. I was shocked he didn't drop anything and that he wanted juice that badly. I seldom give him and when i do it's diluted to almost water, but grandma's in town and "jugito es bueno". Wellll I quickly boiled water and made him a jug of iced peppermint tea, organic at that! Thanks Jules for all the insight!! :))